The chain of stores «Mega Jeans» is associated with the «Ost–West» Corporation. Mega Jeans is a jeans empire. The first store was opened in 1993. Today «Mega Jeans» – has become 8 market centers in St. Petersburg, as well as a store-franchise in other cities within Russia. «Mega Jeans» leads work with wholesale buyers. «Mega Jeans» stores offer only the most popular, high-end brands in the world: Levi`s, Lee, Lee Cooper, Mustang, MOD, Pierre Cardin , Silver , VO Jeans , Westland and Wrangler . The central store «Mega Jeans» is located on Novocherkassky Prospect # 33. new, second largest store, “The Hanger” (The Holland Market), is located on Maloohtinskom. “The Hanger” is two levels of men`s and women`s clothing with brand new collections, huge selections, jeans of all sizes, accessories, a discount hall, and even a cozy bar on the second level. The Multi-brand «Mega Jeans» on Bolshoi Prospekt (Petrogradskaya side # 28), which opened in May 2010, has combined all the features which exist in Mega Jeans stores. «Mega Jeans» sections may be found in large department stores and malls such as: “PIK” on Sennaya Square, “Bolshoi Gostinyi Dvor”, “Francuzsky Boulevard”, “Vernisage”, “Ozerki” and “Galeria”.